Vanilla Matcha Latte Recipe

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So we love coffee, but sometimes we need something a little less aggressive to drink in the morning that will still give us a good pick-me-up (and tastes delicious). The solution: Matcha Green Tea!

Why matcha? This *magical* (seriously) green tea not only energizes you but has incredible other benefits as well. We’ve been drinking this for years, so we can share the benefits we’ve experienced. You’ll feel energized but not jittery, and you won’t get that midday crash like you might with caffeine from coffee. It’s supposed to be amazing for your skin and hair, since it’s packed with antioxidants, and some studies have even shown that it has positive effects on mood and cognitive performance. (Rachel had to restrain herself from listing all of the peer-reviewed research on all of the benefits, so here is at least one link :))

Matcha, for all of it’s wonderful components, doesn’t necessarily taste too great on it’s own (think of some lovely grass). So over the years we have perfected our favorite way to incorporate it into our morning routine so we can get all those great benefits AND enjoy the taste.

Rach + Leah’s Vanilla Matcha (Protein) Latte!

Ingredients: Matcha powder (we always do organic), almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla extract, manuka honey, small saucepan, & your fave mug! We also add in vanilla protein powder to making it more filling in the mornings while we are busy bees at work.

This is the organic matcha powder we order off Amazon! It tastes amazing. You can find it here.

In your saucepan, you’re going to heat up your almond milk (I usually do 1 + 1/2 cups) on low heat. As it’s warming, you want to stir in your vanilla extract, cinnamon, and vanilla protein powder.

Next, add in the star of the show: your matcha! Once everything is warmed together, you want to pour it into your favorite mug. (I once read somewhere that matcha should never be used in boiling water, as it may diminish some of the benefits, so now I’m paranoid and never let the water get to a boil. – R)

For sweetener, we use Manuka honey, but if you can’t get your hands on that, then try to get organic raw honey instead!

And voila, your vanilla matcha protein latte is complete!


*Pro tip:* You can also get a (sugary) version of this at Starbucks! We *live* for Starbucks soy matcha lattes (their soymilk is sweetened with vanilla, so you still get that vanilla-matcha taste).

xo Rach & Leah


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