Two Easy Ways to Check the Ingredients in Your Makeup and Skincare

Does your skin keep breaking out despite having a ten-step skincare routine? We’ve been there!

There’s a chance that the skin care products you’re using are irritating your skin, even if they’re veryyy expensive.

An easy way to check the quality of the products you’re putting on your face is to check the ingredients. Here are two apps we use to check every. single. thing.


Think Dirty is an app we both have on our phones. It’s great because it covers so much more than just makeup, including household cleaner, deodorant, hand soap, shampoo, etc

All you do is scan a product and it’ll give you a number for how “clean” a product is, which just translates to how many good or bad ingredients are in a product. The higher the number, the “dirtier” it is. It will also tell you why it got that score, what the bad ingredients are, and recommendations for better products.






Beautypedia is a website we both swear by that also has an app! You just type in your product and it’ll give you a rating based on five stars. It provides you with the expert reviews and reviews from the beauty community and will break down the product, explain why it got the rating, and give pros and cons.

It is so important to read the fine print for this one because they sometimes will rate a product a little lower not because it’s a bad product but because it could do more or it doesn’t fulfill every promise on the bottle. For example, I love the Fix + setting spray but it only got four stars as they said it has great ingredients but doesn’t do anything but I love it so I keep using it.

Hope this helps!



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