Similarities and Differences

When most people initially meet us or see pictures of us together they assume that because we look so much alike that we are carbon copies of each other. We actually get asked if we’re twins all the time (we’re three years apart). So today we wanted to share some of the ways we’re similar and different.


We both eventually want to adopt two yellow labs, who would also be sisters. We even have names picked out for them (we’re coming for you, Lady and Luna!)

Social justice oriented Being out in the community and working with and advocating for vulnerable populations is incredibly important to us.

Love for reading Our mom would bring us to the library every week to pick out books to read and that’s where our passion for books comes from. **Rachel read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss to her entire first grade class (show off).

We went to the same college and both pursued psychology in grad school This is one of our passions and one of the reasons why social justice is so important to us. **Also, please note our grad schools were within walking distance from each other.

Things we’re obsessed with: our parents, K pop conspiracy theories (it’s real), Ariana Grande, dancing around our apartment, and going to Target (honestly this is where we had to end the list because the amount of similarities between us was starting to get aggressive).

**Rachel had to keep holding down my dress bc I was flashing so many people #windycity



-Leah has naturally curly hair and Rachel’s is stick straight.

-Leah’s skin is outrageously oily and Rachel is dry/combo.

-Leah’s eyebrows are so intense, you can see how aggressive they are starting at age 2. She also had to get them waxed for the first time in fifth grade. Rachel could be stranded on an island for three years and when she was finally rescued (good job surviving that, girl) her eyebrows would essentially look the same.

Our personalities

-Rachel is a classic introvert and Leah is a complete extrovert. Being an introvert isn’t synonymous with being shy, it just means Rachel likes to recharge at the end of the day by doing her own thing. Leah could have a jam packed schedule and it still wouldn’t be enough.

-However, when people first meet us, they think Rachel is the extrovert as she is so kind and friendly and they think I’m (Leah) the introvert as I’m normally more reserved when I meet people.

-Many people, me included, suffer from RBF (resting bitch face). This is when your face is relaxed and you unintentionally look mean. Rachel suffers from RFF (resting friendly face). She always looks pleasant and nice which always puts us at the risk of strangers striking up conversation about the weather or whatever shopping bags we’re holding.

-Rachel loves to show affection and gives great hugs. Leah’s hugs leave something to be desired.

Getting ready in the morning

-Rachel gets up, makes a matcha latte, leisurely gets ready, and packs all her food that’s been prepared the night before.

-Leah wakes up, drinks an alarming amount of coffee, and is usually late/forgets something but always has a perfectly smoked out lower lash line (priorities).

Our workouts 

-Rachel likes a solid yoga class where there’s a strong sense of community and everyone’s encouraging to one another.

-Leah likes an intense, competitive Pure Barre class.


We hope you got to know us a little better 🙂

xo Rach & Leah


Rachel’s dress is here

My dress is here and my sunglasses are here


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