Our Favorite Podcasts

We love listening to podcasts, especially while we get ready in the morning.

Here are some of our faves!

My Favorite Murder. Our favorite true crime podcast. We love it because the hosts are sassy, funny, and relatable.

Dr. Death.The story of a shady neurosurgeon who ruined lives and the medical system that failed to protect its patients. My current obsession. It’s suspenseful and unbelievable that something so outrageous could happen today.

Casefile. Another great true crime podcast. We love the narrator’s voice which is my deal breaker for anything we listen to. They’re independent stories about eerie crimes and murders.

True Crime Junkie. We love this one! The hosts are great and talk about some cases we had never heard of (rare for Rachel who is a classic murderino). They even break up their episodes into categories (serial killer, missing, murdered, conspiracy, infamous, etc.).

Ted Talks Daily. When you need to listen to a quick interesting or inspirational story to make you believe in humanity again after listening to the horror of the true crime podcasts.

Conspiracy Theories. Each episode has two parts; the first part just talks about the objective facts of the event and the second part goes into the various conspiracy theories behind it.

Food Psych. This is a great podcast for anyone who has ever had an unhealthy or complicated relationship with food.

Believed. All about the survivors of Larry Nassar, the gymnastics coach who was recently convicted of abusing an outrageous number of young women. The most chilling part of this story is all the people the girls told of their abuse and how, despite those reports, the abuse went on for years.

Dirty John. If you haven’t listed to this one yet, it needs to be one of the first on your list. I could not get enough of this series when it came out as it was so suspenseful. There’s also a fantastic Bravo show about it with Tami Taylor Connie Britton. I haven’t watched it yet but our mom loved it.

Broken Harts. A really interesting story about a family that has a darker side than what was initially presented to society.

Let us know what you’ve been listening to!



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