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Ok one of my favorite makeup products to buy and apply is foundation. My skin is v v oily so when I buy a new foundation I’m looking for oil control and something long wearing. *I do also use a face primer and MAC Fix + to my face when I’m finished* Here are all the foundations I have tried and what I think!

  1. Born This Way by Too Faced I love this one! I mix Light Beige and Vanilla to match my fake tan. It has fantastic coverage which is always needed as I am ALWAYS breaking out. I apply it at about 7:30 a.m. and by the time I leave work at 5 it still looks nice.
  2. MAC Pro Longwear Not a fan! It broke up on me pretty early on in the day but this is Rachel’s go-to foundation so it may be just because I’m so oily.
  3. Lorac POREfection It didn’t have a lot of coverage which is an absolute must for me, though I do always appreciate when a foundation has SPF. I found that I was only able to wear this when I had no breakouts, which never happens.  It also broke up during the day and did not look good.  I did give it to Rachel and she really likes it! Just wasn’t a good fit for my skin.
  4. Smashbox Studio Skin This foundation did not work for me either. Similar to Lorac, it wasn’t enough full coverage and it immediately broke up on me. Per usual, I gave it to Rachel and she liked it!
  5. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Love love this foundation! I’m not a fan of the applicator, which is a wand, as I don’t think it’s as sanitary compared to a pump. But it has great coverage and it lasts me all day long. It also has a large color selection!
  6. Estee Lauder Double Wear This is one of my absolute favorites. It’s a pretty heavy formula but I love it for days that I need a lot of help covering up…  It’s great coverage and longwearing which you know I love. I also buy a MAC foundation pump as a sanitary and cleaner way to get the product out.
  7. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear I think this is a beautiful color and formula but it’s more on the sheer side. I have to wear it when I have pretty clear skin so it doesn’t get a ton of use… If you have nice skin and want something quality and lightweight I definitely recommend this!
  8. YSL All Hours LOVE. I wear this when I have a tan and it lasts me allll day at work. It’s a beautiful formula and it’s one of my faves.
  9. Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able This is the only foundation from this list that I had to return. I was not a fan of the applicator which is a dropper and was v messy. The consistency was so thick that Rachel was shook when I walked out. I know this is a fan favorite for most people but it wasn’t a good fit for me unfortunately.
  10. Tarte Shape Tape I loved the concealer like everyone else so I figured I would try the foundation as well. They have two different types, matte and hydrating, and I went for the matte option, obv. It’s lightweight and longwearing and my oil doesn’t immediately come through, which it normally does. Rachel loves it too and she’s sensitive and dry to combo. They also have a great color range for both options!
  11. Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick This was my first time using a stick foundation so I was a little suspicious but I love it! It has the two things I’m always looking for: coverage and long wearing. It’s also super easy to travel with!
  12. L’Oreal True Match This is the only drugstore foundation that I like! I gave it to my mom who is also hooked on it now. I use N2 and N3 which is my perfect shade. I use neutral bc I need to neutralize the redness I have when I break out. It’s great coverage and I always get compliment on my skin when I wear it which never happens.

Let me know what your faves are!





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