August Favorites

Hi loves!

I am *obsessed* with all of my favorites this month. I highly recommend every single product in this post. Most of these products I have been using for longer than just the month of August! Let us know what you’ve been loving this month xo

Le Neige Lip Mask.

So this was highly recommended by one of our beauty babes, Gigi (@beatfacefridayy on IG), and Leah and I both decided to try it. I know L included this in her July faves, but guys I am legit OBSESSED. I apply this every single night (and sometimes in the AM too, because why not), and it gives my lips such intense hydration. As you can tell, I’m almost out and I am 100% rebuying! I bought mine here!

*I’m not a fan of jar products because I really hate dipping my finger in every time I need some product. So I use a q-tip to apply.*


Drunk Elephant Protini Moisturizer. 

So if you can splurge on some skin care (because there’s always a reason to treat yoself) then please check out this new moisturizer from Drunk Elephant! I have combination skin that is extremely sensitive, and my skin loved this. I literally used every last drop of it! This will work beautifully with all skin types; my dry skin babes can add a tiny drop of your favorite beauty oil if you want that extra pop of hydration (I use this one from Derma E). I am not going to rebuy at this time, but only because I am trying out some other moisturizers for now! Get it here.

*Every time I splurge on Drunk Elephant, I wait for the Sephora Rouge events so I can get 20% off, plus Ebates cash back, and points! Get it at Sephora here.


Paula’s Choice  Radiance Renewal Mask.

So if you don’t know by now, Leah and I are beyond obsessed with Paula’s Choice products (no, this isn’t sponsored I swear)! This mask is incredible for my sensitive, combination skin, but all skin types would love and really benefit from this. The directions say to use it one/twice a week, but I use it every single night now. I can see and feel how much it brightens and hydrates my skin, and now I can tell a difference when I don’t use it! It feels especially luxurious around the eye area. I used an entire bottle of it and now I bought a second! You can find it here.

*Side note, if you party a little too hard one night and your skin needs a little love – this is the perfect mask for recuperating 🙂


Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balms.

I ALWAYS need to have some color on my lips, but I don’t always want to slather on some lipstick. Usually I splurge on my beloved Dior Lip Glow (so $$$) to give me that everyday color, until I found these babies! These give me a tint of color while also giving me some major hydration. I love that they are so easy to use when I’m busy at work or on the go. Functional AND gorgeous.

I picked up three shades: (from L) Pink Blossom, Hibiscus, and Red Dahlia – I am definitely going to get every single shade.

And the best part!? ONLY $4.79 at my Target!!! I am so in love. Find them here or here!


Revlon Colorstay Full Cover Foundations.

I just started using these month and I am loving them so far. They apply so smoothly – they don’t cling to dry patches on forehead! I find these to be truly long-wearing. I love having a solid drugstore foundation to use on days when I don’t want to “waste” my high end foundations! Find them here or here.


Pixi x Weylie Hoang eyeliner duo. 

This was gifted to us by Pixi, and I immediately fell in love with this double-ended liner!

I use the Kohl end every single day to line my upper lash and water line. It doesn’t smudge or bleed into the inner corner of eye – no raccoon eyes! It’s very long-wearing!

I use the felt tip end for wings (I love an aggressive wing). Both are super black! Also, you can see how messy they are at this point because I literally use them every. single. day.

*Babes, I realized it only comes in the Weylie set!!!! Ugh!!! I already have the shadow palette so I don’t want to rebuy just for the liner. Can I get this on it’s own? You can find the bundle here.


What have you babes been loving this month!? Also, is anyone else so excited to transition into fall! Chicago is so gorgeous during that time of year and I can’t wait for fall colors.


**If you got this far, thank you! Fun fact: my nails aren’t done so I literally just painted my left thumbnail for pics 🙂 **

xo Rachel

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