All About Extensions

Sunglasses: Gucci | Jacket: North Face | Leggings: Zella

Boots: Hunter | Starbucks: Green tea latte

Rachel and I love having big hair and even though we both have pretty long hair already, we love to aggressively increase the volume with extensions. We have always used clip in extensions because they are easy to pop in and out and are the least damaging to your hair. I have Bellami Bellissima 220g 22” in Dark Brown and Rachel has Foxy Locks Deluxe 20” Seamless in Chocolate.

5 Extension Tips

Here are mistakes Rachel and I awkwardly made when we first starting wearing extensions.

1.When you first get your extensions, clip them in and take them to your hairdresser to be trimmed with your real hair. This will help to layer them and it will look more natural in your hair.

2. Don’t ever sleep in your extensions! Your hair will get tangled which will ruin your extensions and damage your real hair.

3. Your new extension pack may be hard to curl as it comes out of the package stick straight. Hold heat to your hair a few seconds longer than you normally would when you first staring curling it. I also use this to help make my new extensions less fine and give it some texture.

4. Tease the hair you’re about to clip your extensions onto. Teasing this part of your hair will give your extensions something to hold on to. This is so important! The first time I wore my extensions out they slipped out in the bathroom of RPM and frightened the bathroom attendant.

5. You don’t have to wash your extensions as often as you wash your natural hair. They don’t accumulate the natural oils your natural hair does so, to keep them as long as possible, don’t wash them as often as your natural hair. Especially if you don’t wear them every day. We usually brush them and spray them with dry shampoo right before we put them in and they’re totally fine.



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