Hi, dolls! We’re Rachel and Leah, two sisters fresh out of grad school trying to maintain our big hair in the Windy City. Our blog focuses on makeup, hair, skin care, and kindness. 

Why we started our blog-

We have both struggled with skin problems for most of our lives: acne, rosacea, dryness, sensitivity, cystic acne… Even though it’s a first world problem, when you’re a tween in middle school it’s basically your worst nightmare. We feel like we’ve tried everything over the years, and knew we wanted a place to share all of the things that have worked (and have been terrible) to help anyone else with these issues.

Dealing with our problematic skin led to a love for makeup and skin care over time. In addition to our skin issues, we were also in school and dealing with some not-so-kind girls. So between acne, our love for makeup, and dealing with mean girls, we decided we wanted to be part of a community based on love, kindness, and a shared obsession with makeup.

So here we are! Yes, we love beauty, but it’s not the most important thing. So if you love the natural look, rock it. If you love a full coverage foundation and a smoked out lower lash line, we hope you rock that too! We value kindness and inner beauty above all else, and hope you will join us in spreading empowerment and all your favorite beauty tips!

At the end of the day, we just want everyone to be kind and love themselves. We hope you find something that helps you here!

Our mama bear (Karen/Kar Bear/KB) is our original glamazon who taught us that the ultimate trifecta is to be glam, smart, and kind. She visits us at our apartment once a week and takes all our blog photos. She has no prior photography experience but we feel she’s qualified as she’s watched every cycle of America’s Next Top Model.

Fast facts about us: 

Things we love: big hair, lots of makeup, anything with studs, leggings, barre class, fellow glamazons, kind people, books, Kate Middleton, Dateline, spray tans, avocados, the girl who does our eyebrows.

Things we don’t love: the word “moist”, gray on gray outfits, Chicago winters, minimal coverage foundation, random men on the street who tell us to smile, women who bring other women down, decaf coffee.



Rach & Leah