High-end makeup is so fun, and often a really glam luxury. However, years of trying new makeup has taught us that high-end doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. We were always trying out new drugstore products when we were in grad school and some have become our holy grails. So here are four amazing drugstore dupes we have found for high-end products that we want to share with you!


Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder– $28 (for 0.14 oz)

Dupe: RCMA No-Color Powder – $12 (for 3 oz!!!)

Rach: We love using the LM Secret Brightening Powder to set our under eye concealer, but we go through it SO QUICKLY! RCMA No-Color Powder is the perfect dupe to set under eyes, and the entire face, and you get so much more product! It comes in this gigantic bottle and lasts us up to a year. Amazing!

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation– $36 (for .84 fluid oz)

Dupe: Revlon Colorstay Full Cover Foundation– $10 at Target (for 1.0 fluid oz)

Rach: This Mac foundation has been my holy grail for YEARS. I have it in multiple shades so when I get a spray tan I can make sure I still use this! Lately I have been searching for a less expensive alternative, however, for casual days when I don’t necessarily want to use up my Mac (because she is v. expensive). After much trial-and-error, I found this Revlon one, and it’s incredible. It has the same beautiful silky texture, and lasts All. Day. Long. And for only $10!?

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Oil – $28 (for 6.7 fluid oz)

Dupe: Almay Makeup Remove Foaming Lotion Cleanser – $3.99 at Target (for 6.7 fluid oz)

Leah: One of the most important steps at the end of the day is taking off your makeup before washing your face! I love the Clinique oil because I feel like it removes all of my face makeup before I use my cleanser unlike most makeup wipes I’ve used. I go through it pretty quickly though bc I wear so much face makeup every day… I finally found a fab (and super affordable) alternative! This Almay makeup remover (and cleanser!) is great bc it takes off your makeup and it’s so inexpensive I feel like I can use as much as I want.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector – $32 (for 0.16 oz)

Dupe: NYX Dark Circle Concealer– $6 (for 0.10 oz)

Rach: Concealing my dark circles is always my first priority when doing my makeup each morning, and this NYX one has been my tried-and-true for years. I bought this Becca one (for $32!!!!!! Ugh) thinking that this high-end brand would surely level up my concealer technique. Spoiler alert: it did not. This NYX one is a fraction of the price, and actually BETTER, in my opinion. Save your dollars, babes.

My sweater is from J.Crew and my leggings are Zella, per usual

The great thing about drugstore skincare and makeup is that you can often find it on sale (like at Target) or use your points (like at Ulta)!

What are your favorite dupes? Share yours in the comments!

xo, Rach & Leah

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