7 Random Reasons You Might Be Breaking Out

  1. Not washing your face. This might seem obvious but when you don’t wash your face before you go to bed you’re letting your makeup sit on your face which doesn’t give your pores a chance to breathe. You also need to cleanse your face of everything it’s been exposed to all day which you may not realize (bacteria, air pollution, oil, etc.). Keep a packet of makeup wipes next to your bed for the nights you’re too exhausted (or intoxicated) to get up and wash your face.
  2. Not washing off makeup before you wash your face. If you have a full beat and wash your face, you’re not truly cleansing your face but just taking off your makeup. To get a deep clean and clear out your pores, take your makeup off first completely! We use this and this to take ours off!
  3. Your phone. Our phones carry more germs than probably anything else we use daily. If you take numerous phone calls per day and you rest your phone against your face, you may be transferring all that bacteria onto your skin. Use speakerphone if possible when you are alone because no one likes the person who has a loud conversation in the middle of Target. Or use your headphones.
  4. Pillow case. The other thing that your face has the most contact with is your pillowcase. Change it often and don’t let anything touch it. Rachel uses this silk pillowcase and loves it.
  5. Wash makeup brushes. This is a big one! If you’re going months and months without cleaning your brushes they are building up with bacteria and that will transfer directly to your face. I initially wash mine with baby shampoo as it’s gentle to clean all the makeup off. Then I use an antibacterial soap to disinfect them.
  6. Wash beauty blender. (see above). Use antibacterial soap to clean it prior to use and don’t use them for too long!
  7. Using bad products. If you use skincare products or makeup with ingredients that are irritating for the skin, it may be a reason you can’t stop breaking out. Denatured alcohol, fragrance, and witch hazel are a few that are especially irritating for the skin. Panicking and want to check all your ingredients now? Paula’s Choice ingredient list will list almost every ingredient used in most makeup and skin care products. It also categorizes it by best/good/poor and breaks down why each product is given its rating. Beautypedia is the best site to check out all the best makeup and skin care products to use!


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